Understanding the Concept of Cain Concept

ImageUnderstand the concept of Cain Concept

You will not find any ratings and reviews on Cain’s Vineyard & Winery Bordeaux-inspired blends. Since 2000, Cain Vineyards & Winery decided to stop sending their wines to critics. It is a good thing because Cain’s wines do not fit into the big powerhouse box that these critics have set as benchmark. Their wines may not be over-extracted and heavily styled, but you will find finesse, balance, chocolate-like roundness and an elegance that glides. If you have had Cain Five, you know that Cain wines are wines that you need to discover for yourself and you would be proud of yourself when you did. And you would be proud to share it with your wine loving friends. The Concept is an excellent introduction to the Five.

I shared a bottle of the Cain 2007 Concept this week at a small group of friends over dinner. It was tasted initially to determine the order of which it will be drunk. We decided that we will have to start with a Sauvignon Blanc, a Chardonnay, a Pinot Noir and a unusually light Cote du Rhone before Cain Concept. The moment we were done with the Pinot Noir, some of us just could not wait to pour the Cain Concept. The fruit structure is elegant and attractive, well-balanced for easy approachability without losing complexity and finesse.

 With a few cases (42 bottles available) of the CONCEPT, we decided to make a special offering so that you too can be proud of yourself for discovering it.

 Cain, 2007 Concept, Napa Valley  (6X750ml)
57% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Merlot, 13% Cabernet Franc, 12% Petit Verdot.
The core of Cain Concept – The Benchland is about Cabernet Sauvignon from the classical “benchland” of the Napa Valley. The 2007 saw moderate yields, uniform ripening, a warm May followed by a moderate summer and a warm September. This is a blend that has build-up complexity with every sip, added nuances, well-spoken structure, and a generous length to the finish.
$72 nett/btl for purchase of 6 bottles & above or $76 nett/btl (UP: $96)

 Extra: Cain 2006 Five, Napa Valley (375ml): $59 nett/btl (8 bottles avail)

Our Bin List has been updated. click on the Bin End tab for the full list.

For orders and further enquiries, contact us at enquiries@straitscellars.com



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