Até a próxima vez…Portuguese Wine

Alente-Premium_b1Several months ago, we so thrilled to announce the addition of Portuguese T_reg_intfwine to our portfolio. After several trade and consumer tasting sessions, we were excited by the responds and encouraged by the positive feedback and genuine interest, particularly so when they know the pricing. Good quality without a sweat.
Unfortunately due to management issues with the Portuguese company, plans to distribute in Singapore have been halted. We are still trying to understand the situation but one instruction from Portugal is clear….ALL CURRENT

Portuguese Wine Clearance 2014

With pricing now as low as $19 per bottle, it is perfect for WEDDINGS, CORPORATE EVENTS AND GIFTS (ask us about gift-packing), DINNER & DANCE, AND ENDLESS PARTIES BOOZING. If you intend to purchase more than 60 bottles, ask us for further discount. Stock available while stock last.

We have updated our California Bin End Promotion and The French List. Check them out for excellent deals on your favourites.

Contact us at 65 64697633 or for further information or place an order.

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